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N9 Design is a graphic communication studio based in Plymouth. This is where I worked during my placement year from October 2012 to August 2013. Working here was an incredibly valuable and wonderful experience. During my time here, using the N9 CMS and under guidence from the N9 team, I built nine content-managed websites including n9design.com. I also contributed to around ten others. I was primarily involved in the development side of things, having some minor input in the designs of a few of the websites.

Working here really helped me develop my technical skills and encouraged me to learn more about the industry. I was put onto a broad range of jobs there, including artworking, eflyers & bespoke web development. The most ongoing project I was heavily involved with was Passion Play. In the case of Passion Play, Great Expectations, and many productions from clients such as Theatre Royal Stratford East and the Queen's Theatre Hornchurch I was in direct communication with the client. In the instance of Passion Play, Jo Hutchison International was the client. Dealing with JHI & other clients I learned to quickly ascertain the clients' needs and interpret the brief to deliver what they wanted.

N9 banner

Project Almond (pictured above) was something I was working on during the weeks leading up to the end of my placement. I was tasked to create a job tracking system for N9. This was to be a fully content managed system where the team could add and modify clients & jobs. The primary goal was to easily be able to track and input hours spent on a job. The above screenshot is from a dropdown in a table; This is the overview. Here users get a quick overview of important information in the job through the 'cards'. Time can be input in the Tasks table in the job overview. The entire system was heavily AJAXed so for the majority of events there was no page refresh, preserving the user's place and open jobs on the page.