The Plymouth University Computing Society

TermiSoc banner

Established in 1992 TermiSoc is the Plymouth University computing society. I was the chairman for the society for two and a half years between 2011 and 2013. During these years we organized and ran numerous events scaling from small weekend projects to 50+ person LAN parties. Alongside these non-regular events we also ran fortnightly tutorials where we'd organize someone to come in and talk/teach about their area of expertise - I myself hosting some tutorials on web development. Being a designer, I also produced all of the TermiSoc promotional material, with the color scheme and logo based on that produced by the previous chairmen of the society.

TermiSoc poster 1TermiSoc poster 2TermiSoc poster 3

Above are a few example of the posters I produced for the society. The first is one I made for promoting TermiSoc to freshers. The second, using a couple of images from Zero Punctuation, is one I designed to promote one of our LAN events. Finally the third is one I designed and illustrated from scratch as somewhat of a pet project, aiming to create a propaganda-style poster.